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Where’s My Service Technician? 3 Easy Ways to Answer with Glympse

“Where’s my service technician?”

It’s one of the most common reasons customers waiting for a home services appointment, repair or even a large delivery – like furniture – call to speak with a customer care agent.

The problem: These calls – and not having service technician tracking – can cost you anywhere from $8-$50 for each one of these calls, not to mention the added “cost” of keeping agents busy who could otherwise be focused on solving the toughest and most unique customer challenges.

For your customers, it’s even more frustrating. No one wants to call up and wait on hold for ages just get the answer to a very simple question. For folks unwilling to wait, the alternative is to leave home and miss the technician or delivery team all together – especially if the designated appointment window has passed. And who can blame them really?

Glympse builds branded last mile tracking experiences to remove friction from product deliveries and services. Our location sharing platform makes it easy for home services and delivery companies to show customers – live, on a map view – where their representative is and exactly when they will arrive.

But if we’ve learned anything, we know that even more important than providing that visual experience is making that information (read: appointment visibility) available on any channel the customer prefers to ensure they can get the insight they need in the most convenient way possible.

So in addition to building beautiful, custom-branded web-based appointment viewers, Glympse makes it easy to track a service technician in a variety of ways:

1. IVR Integration: For your customers who still prefer to call to check on the status of an appointment, Glympse has a new IVR integration that makes it easy for them to do so. They get the answer they need quickly, and your agents can focus on more difficult tickets.

2. Text/Email Notifications: To make it easy for customers to navigate to the interactive Glympse tracker, Glympse sends proactive notifications to let customers know where to look for answers. By sending multiple notifications early and often, you’ll not only give them an increasingly accurate ETA, but you’ll help them get in the habit of checking back with their unique appointment URL whenever they need the latest update. Read our eBook on proactive customer communication to learn how some of our customers have reduced customer no-shows for appointments by more than 10 percent with this approach.

3. MyAccount App. Many of our customers want to provide a one-stop shop for customer engagement. Glympse often works with them to embed a Glympse-powered technician tracking tool directly into a MyAccount App or online customer service portal. Our customer Sky in the UK is already empowering customers with a link-based Glympse experience and will soon be embedding this experience in their MySky app.

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