Geo-Location Technology

Our geo-location tracking platform provides contextual awareness to mobile applications and connected devices to share location in real-time.

Enterprise-grade SDKs

Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS give you more connection, agility and intelligence.


Leverage our highly configurable capabilities to drive exceptional user experiences, from start to finish.


Users will securely, safely and temporarily share real-time location and ETA (a “Glympse”) with others via a link to a web-based map. You choose when the location-sharing link expires.


We make location sharing faster and easier! The recipient of the Glympse doesn’t need an account or username/password.


Integrate Glympse SDK with mobile applications to add location context and tracking, simplify interactions, and optimize battery and data usage.

Geo-location Services: Let's Partner

Our specialty services team can help you build the right tools and tech for your needs. Learn about our geo-location service options!


Our patented technology defines fences based on context, such as the user’s current location and activity.


Set zones for arrivals, pickups, check-ins and deliveries to keep everyone informed and on time.

You choose

Cross-platform support for unlimited geofences, polygon geofences, isochrone (time-based) geofences, temporary geofences, and stop detection.

Geo-event Triggers

With accurate locations and ETAs, plus automated alerts, you’ll deliver timely, customized messages for your unique needs.


Automate pick-up, arrival, and drop-off alerts when a customer or employee enters a geofence or tracks a delivery. No need to tap a button!

Drive loyalty

Send welcome messages to customers as they arrive. Serve targeted ads and up-sell opportunities.

Easy management

Our intuitive dashboard makes management a breeze: See where employees’ location, when customers are on the way to you, and more.

Multi-stop Visualization

Whether your journey is a single stop or several, Glympse accurately calculates ETAs for each leg and automatically notifies customers. No need to track routes by spreadsheet, answer “Where’s my order?” calls, or play phone tag with drivers — Glympse does it all!


Our global partnerships make working with us easy. Integrate our geo-location technology into your own apps and products, or use our pre-packaged installations with our partners — we’re ready to help!

"We know our customers are busy and their time is valuable, so now they can track a technician’s ETA right on their phone. It’s just one more way we’re putting people in control to get help how they want."

Chief Customer Officer,

large North American telecom company

Glympse is Secure, Private, and Temporary

We don’t harvest or sell your information. After 48 hours, location data is disassociated with account information.

Ready to launch your next project?

Let our location experts help you navigate your project and take advantage of our 15+ years of experience pioneering location sharing technologies.