Pioneers of Location-Sharing Technology

Glympse proudly helps the world’s greatest brands use the power of location to transform their business. Our technology, deployed on more than a billion devices, captures, ingests and processes location data to predictively visualize where people, products and assets are while they are in motion. We provide solutions that offer communication between the right people at the right time when it matters most.

The Glympse Mission and Offering

We are successful because we have stayed true to our original convictions that location-sharing should be private, safe, secure and temporary. Our mission is to to be the undisputed leader in the location-sharing space. And our solutions and products showcase just that.

Leading Brands Partner with Glympse

Who We Serve

If you are a small, mid-sized, or enterprise company that performs service appointments, makes deliveries, or offers curbside pick-up or check-ins, you’ve come to the right place.

Location-Sharing Should be Temporary

We believe location-sharing should be temporary, with the end user always in control to set time limits and geo-boundaries on that share of location. With millions of Glympse’s sent via our consumer app, we know a thing or two about geolocation. We have, over the years, built upon this success to include enterprise solutions for product and service delivery, curbside pickup solutions and SMB solutions — mastering the nuances of building interactive experiences based on location data.

Glympse Platform Helps People & Businesses

Rooted in Data, Magnified by Intelligence

More than just a location, Glympse delivers analysis, insights, and predictive visibility to improve last-mile deliveries and services. Read more here.

Patented Tracking Capabilities

Leverage platform tools or select configurable features to build your own solution. APIs, SDKs, geo-fencing, flexible integration models, and more. Read more here.

Secure, Private, and Temporary

We don’t harvest or sell your information. Location data is disassociated with account information after 48 hours.

Engage and Promote

Automatically trigger alerts to keep customers informed and employees on time. Deliver timely, in-house marketing and track the impact. Read more here.

“Glympse is the poster child of partners we like to work with. Integrating their technology into ours was by far the smoothest integration I have been a part of in my 25 years in the technology industry. They are great to work with, and we see ourselves one step ahead of our competition using them.”

Brian K.
SVP of Technology at a global retail and services company

Location & Visibility Professional Services

Glympse has a services business that helps companies solve their unique geo-location and visibility use case needs. We are an agile partner who truly knows and understands the time-critical logistics space.

Glympse Specialty Services & Consulting