Geo-Location Technology

Flexible and customizable geo-location technology that predictively visualizes, analyzes, and notifies.

Navigate, Engage, and Deliver with Location-Sharing Solutions and Services

Just-in-Time Services and Products

Give customers the ability to share or receive predictive ETA securely. Proprietary geo-fencing ensures everyone is ready on time, every time.

A Frictionless Last-Mile

Accurate data, tracking, and visibility keep customers, employees and products aligned no matter the final mile or mode of transportation.

More Efficient Operations

With real-time location visibility, you’ll reduce missed appointments, decrease truck roll and gain better visibility into job completion statuses.

Proactive, Intelligent Engagement

Keep customers engaged every step of the way with two-way messaging, voice assistant, mobile app, timely promotional alerts, and more.

Automation — Not Repetition

Automated customer notifications, customized maps and real-time dynamic ETA anticipate customers’ needs and reduce call center volumes.

Fast Implementation, Fast ROI

Complete mobile OS coverage and pre-built integrations with leading industry platforms for an efficient deployment and fast results.

Leading Brands Partner with Glympse

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If you are a small, mid-sized, or enterprise company that performs service appointments, makes deliveries, or offers curbside pick-up or check-ins, you’ve come to the right place.

The Glympse Platform Helps People and Businesses Share a Location Safely, Securely, and Temporarily

We pioneered mass-market location-sharing technology, so we know a thing or two about geo-location. Deployed on more than a billion devices, our customers trust the Glympse mobile platform to securely connect the right people, at the right time – when it matters most.

Glympse Location Technology Platform

Rooted in Data, Magnified by Intelligence

More than just a location, Glympse delivers analysis, insights, and predictive visibility to improve last-mile deliveries and services.

Patented Tracking Capabilities

Leverage platform tools or select configurable features to build your own solution. APIs, SDKs, geo-fencing, flexible integration models, and more.

Secure, Private, and Temporary

We don’t harvest or sell your information. Location data is disassociated with account information after 48 hours.

Engage and Promote

Automatically trigger alerts to keep customers informed and employees on time. Deliver timely, in-house marketing and track the impact.

"I do not believe our competitors have a solution like Glympse. We for sure see ourselves using Glympse as a differentiator to our competitors."

Brian K.
Director of Operations, Franchise Owner

Glympse Specialty Services and Consulting

Let Our Experienced Team Help your Business

If you’re stuck with a geo-location challenge, we can help. We forged this industry, and our professional services team is here to assist with any location-based project.

Glympse Professional Services and Consulting
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Smart, Location-Powered Products for your Business

Location-Powered Products that Enhance and Scale your Business

+15 years of R&D. Patented tracking capabilities. Deployments on more than 1 billion devices. Any language, anywhere. Delight and differentiate with our geo-location-powered products. From our “out-of-the-box” and ready SaaS solution to our enterprise-grade location technology platform, we have a solution to meet your challenges.