Case Studies

See how Glympse delivers real value to our customer’s through the power of geolocation and visibility solutions and services.

Glympse + Steelcase

Glympse helps Steelcase leverage technology to dramatically improve the last touchpoint in the ordering process for consumers everywhere.

Glympse + Trugreen

Glympse helps TruGreen connect and engage with their customers throughout the appointment lifecycle, empowering customers with better information and reducing customer care inquiries.

Glympse + Williams Sonoma

Glympse helps Williams Sonoma connect and engage with their customers with delivery tracking through email/text. Furthermore, they acquired rich data reports that captures promise time, time-on-site, and much more.

Glympse + Worldwide Tech Services

Worldwide Tech Services turned to Glympse to improve customer experience and discovered that the power of location can provide so much more than customer satisfaction.