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4 Compelling Reasons to Share Technician Arrival Times With Customers

We know…..location-tracking features in mobile apps are controversial. Used carelessly, they can cause problems in your life. But used thoughtfully, it can be a powerful and efficient communication tool. Location-tracking apps can be useful, if you use them with vigilance.

In many ways, the key to meeting your customer’s needs (and exceeding their expectations) comes down to open, honest communication. People want more actionable information than ever so that they can go about their busy schedules. They’re tired of being frustrated with all the wondering and waiting that they’ve had to put up with in the past.

Based on that, there are a number of important reasons why you should be sharing technician and driver arrival times and real-time ETA with customers using temporary location sharing solutions like Glympse.

1. It Helps You Capitalize on Modern Trends

By far, the biggest reason to share technician and driver arrival times and real-time ETA with your customers has to do with how it helps keep you in-sync with all of today’s top trends in your industry.

These days, customers don’t just want to receive timely updates on their phones – they expect it. From that perspective, receiving a text may be simple, but it still conveys critical information to the people who need it without disrupting their day.

Plus, location-based software solutions like Glympse are a fast, effective way to provide your customers with the most accurate ETAs, notifications and temporary location sharing, no matter what.

2. It Improves Customer Satisfaction Across the Board

Along the same lines, sharing this critical data with customers also helps to improve their own experience that they’re having with your brand. They’re far less likely to become anxious and call your call center or office staff and ask questions like, “When will the technician get here?” and “Where is my couch; you said they would be here before 2:00 pm?”. The more satisfied they are, the more likely they are to make additional purchases for products and services in the future.

Glympse, for example, automatically shares a technician’s ETA to your customers, sending a unique viewing link via text (or email or in-app notification) at various stages of that appointment or delivery journey. It’s a temporary location share that is safe for the business/your staff, and convenient for the customer at the same time.

If a technician is running late, for example, a customer will be immediately notified. Likewise, customers can communicate with your business directly – or vice versa – via Glympse’s Two-Way Smart Messaging. Businesses can easily send messages to specific people based on precise events or triggers that have occurred.

Not only that, but customers can also leave feedback with Glympse’s instant feedback system. If there is a concern, they now have a helpful way to inform you about it so it can be adequately addressed. Capturing feedback at this level is critical, as it allows you to still communicate with someone when they are the most engaged, not days later.

3. It Dramatically Enhances the Customer Experience

Another one of the major reasons why you should be sharing technician arrival times with customers has to do with how it helps to enhance the customer experience (CX).

With real-time ETAs, instant text or email communications, or live map functionality (think Uber-like), customers always know what to expect and when. Customers will have more of a positive experience overall because you’re showing that you respect their time through action. Rather than being forced to wait for some nebulous arrival time of “between 9:00am and 5:00pm”, customers will get a real-time ETA, see the driver on a map and be able to prepare for the appointment or delivery. This reduces the amount of time they have to spend waiting and wondering.

If a customer isn’t home or can no longer be available for whatever reason, a solution like Glympse also gives them the opportunity to notify you as well. Without Glympse, the customer could be away from their home with absolutely no idea that their technician is just minutes away. This can also help save a tremendous amount of time for your technician, allowing them to reschedule the appointment and move onto the next one without delay.

Customers can also convey important information like lock codes, key locations, and more that a technician would need to know about upon arrival.

4. It Improves Job Safety for Employees

Finally, one crucial reason why you should share arrival times with your customers is that it helps improve your employees safety.

When workers know that they are safe and that their employer values them in that way, they are more productive and feel more connected to the job they do. Any reasonable business owner would want to create the safest possible environment for their employees and a solution like Glympse allows you to precisely do that.

With pre-generated text replies, technicians no longer need to text or call the end customer while driving. Glympse takes care of that behind the scenes. 

Additionally, when the technician does arrive at the customer’s location, their location is no longer shared – it’s a temporary share of location. The customer stops being able to see that information at the precise moment that it is no longer necessary for them to have it. Glympse implemented this feature in particular to guarantee that a technician feels safer knowing that as soon as they leave a location, the customer cannot see where they are.

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