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Chris Ruff Joins Constant Variables Podcast to Talk Location Sharing Privacy, Practicality & Laser Focus on CX

“The on-demand economy is really about consumers having more and more options for self-service. It all started with Uber and our ability hail a car service on demand, but we are seeing this evolve into every aspect of our life. Really, it’s about putting technology in the hands of consumers so they can transact however they want. In a convenient format,” explained Glympse CEO Chris Ruff, on Episode 15 of the Constant Variables Podcast.

A very big and heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Tim Bornholdt, who asked our CEO Chris Ruff to join the Constant Variables Podcast (presented by the Jed Mahonis Group) to share everything that Glympse has been up to lately.

Beyond his take on what the on-demand economy means to our customers, Chris took a moment to explain where Glympse is focused as a company today – and how we continue to evolve to help businesses respond to a whole new crop of consumer expectations that have sprouted up around the on-demand economy.

“At the heart of Glympse, we are a location communication company. Our earliest app allowed consumers to share their location safely and temporarily with their friends and family. What we’ve evolved too is taking our platform into third party developers and enterprises, and allowing them to share location in new ways. For example, you are getting a home delivery of a pizza and you can see when it’s on its way. On the flip side, if we’re looking at a curbside scenario the consumer would share their location with a grocery store, restaurant or retailer. And the provider can package that order up and have it ready and available on-demand.”

Listen to the whole podcast, online, on iTunesOvercast or Castro, as Chris dives deep to discuss how Glympse:

  • Facilitates an enhanced customer experience
  • Has refined its technology to walk a fine line between high fidelity, and what is practical in terms of collecting location to optimize battery life
  • Intelligently balances real-time location and ETA for multiple sequential deliveries near one another to protect people’s privacy
  • Has stayed true to its roots in consumer technology and preserved the pure experience of our consumer app by building a business model that brings that same powerful technology to enterprises
  • Is shaping the dramatically shifting retail experience from order online, pickup in store or order online, get a delivery at your house to pickup anytime or receive a delivery anywhere

Thanks for listening, and another huge shoutout to the folks at Constant Variables!