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Grocery Pickup and Delivery

According to a new report, the volume of online grocery sales in the U.S. is expected to climb to $22 billion in 2019 and rise to $30 billion in 2020. Curbside pickup is accounting for much of this growth in the South and Midwest, while more customers in the Northeast metro areas and the West are opting for home delivery.

Curbside pickup and delivery services sales volume continues to grow

These trends are a clear sign that customers are going to find the most convenient solution to buying their groceries, and your stores must be prepared to meet them in their chosen arena and deliver outstanding customer experiences, even without the aid of your traditional in-store infrastructure. We at Glympse have been paying close attention to these trend-lines, and as a result we have been focused on designing our grocery delivery and curbside pickup technology platforms with features that grocery brands need at the forefront.

Glympse is working with stores to exceed customer pickup and delivery expectations

At Glympse, our passion is to provide innovative solutions for our customers that facilitate the pickup and delivery processes for their buyers and team members. We recently began providing curbside pickup and and grocery delivery location solutions for Albertsons/Safeway, one of the largest grocery store chains in the U.S.

Albertsons was looking for a location-sharing platform that could markedly enhance the grocery delivery experience, and position them as a pioneer of providing simple and seamless buying options for customers in the decades to come. They chose Glympse because our solution is easy for their customers to use, provides accurate results, and integrates easily into their existing solutions. Currently, we are speaking with several other grocers throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. to demonstrate to them how Glympse can revolutionize their relationship with their customers.

Glympse is ready to help your brand prepare for this new competitive environment

For your customers, there’s no going back to a world before grocery delivery and curbside pickup, which means there can’t be for you either. Your company has a responsibility to provide intuitive options for your buyers, and add value to their experience throughout their interactions with your brand.

You can use the power of the Glympse platform to position your company for success in a world where more and more consumers are turning to alternative grocery-buying options. Your delivery customers can opt in to receive real-time notifications about their orders and the location of their delivery driver, and customers choosing curbside pickup can share their location with store employees to streamline order packing and remove order obstacles. If you’re ready to learn even more about how Glympse’s innovative technology can help you thrive in this new era, contact us today.

If your company operates outside of the grocery industry, you can still our solutions to enhance your service experiences and transform your delivery/pickup segments into a core part of your business. We currently provide solutions for integrating location sharing and improving service appointments to a diverse array of companies in numerous industries, including service businesses like Rollins and Virgin Media, retailers like Williams-Sonoma and many restaurants. It’s time for your company to join this illustrious list, so reach out to us today for a personalized demo.