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Improve Customer Communication with IVR

It takes more than GPS coordinates to create the ultimate omnichannel customer communication platform. Glympse helps your company stay a step ahead of your customers’ needs with proactive notifications and updates on deliveries, pickups, and appointment status. Glympse is compatible with SMS, push notifications, email, chatbots, smart devices, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to make sure we’re available wherever your customers are. Providing your customers with communication choices means they make fewer calls to your live call center, saving you money and improving satisfaction.  

Benefits of adding IVR 

Happier Customers 

IVR allows customers to get the information they need, often without needing to talk to a representative. 40% of customers now prefer self-service to human contact. If they do need to speak to someone, IVR ensures they are routed to the right person so their needs are met right away. Creating less friction for your customers means they come away feeling good about their interaction with your company. 

Saves Time 

Customers want answers fast.  90% of customers rank speed as the most important factor when they have an issue with a company. IVR gets your customers answers when they need it with no hold time. When you integrate Glympse’s Voice API with your existing IVR, customers get the latest appointment information, technician or delivery ETA, can opt-in for proactive notifications, and more. 

Saves Money 

The average call to a call center costs $1 per minute and estimates range from $6-$12 per phone interaction. Glympse customers reduce monthly call volume between 35 – 68% after integrating their existing IVR with our Voice API. The cost savings are significant and the effort to integrate Glympse’s API is minimal.  Integration with our IVR connector is already included in your service agreement. It just takes some development work from your team. 

Improves Customer Relationships

Customers value personalized experiences — as a matter of fact, 80% of consumers say they prefer to interact with brands that offer personalization. Smart IVR systems can recognize customers by their phone number and proactively ask if they are calling about an upcoming appointment or delivery. This extra touch can go a long way in creating a strong relationship with your brand. 

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