Customer Engagement Tools

We proudly help our customers provide the best customer experiences (CX) to their end customers. From our early startup days to today, our technology platform and products have always been focused on providing the greatest user and customer experiences. It’s what we do and we do it well. 

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An Uber-like Customer Experience

Customize a multi-phase journey to give customers complete visibility into the exact, real-time arrival of their technician or product. Delight them with an intuitive experience they recognize and value.

Immediate Feedback

After a delivery, pickup, or appointment, the customer is immediately asked for a rating and feedback. This timing results in better response rates, giving you helpful and faster insights into their experience.

Multi-way Chat

Offer a low-touch, easy communication between your team and your customers to keep everyone in sync.

SMS, Email, and In-App Notifications

Customer notifications can be sent via SMS, email, or in the app. Immediately and automatically inform customers of their order status or appointment status.

Extensible to Voice Apps, Chatbot

Our voice-enablement REST APIs extend Glympse to voice applications such as IVR, digital assistants like Alexa or Google Home, and chatbots. Benefits are up to 70% operational savings on reduced calls hitting live agents! Happier customers, happier care reps.

Day-of-Service Advertising and Promotions

The average customer dwell time in Glympse is 8 minutes! Serve them relevant, timely and targeted ads: Customize them by purchase, loyalty program, location, language and more. Upsell or cross-sell by delivering messages when customers are most likely to act. Measure impact and conversions.

Don't Take our Word for it: See Glympse in Action

"I am more inclined to patronize companies that use Glympse because knowing where my products or services are is incredibly important to me — it's a deal-breaker when choosing a company to work with!"

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