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Glympse is now on Microsoft AppSource

Glympse is excited to announce that businesses can now find us on Microsoft AppSource. We are proud to be among the solutions integrated with Microsoft, who has been recognized as a leader in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant” for the 13th consecutive year. Our integration means that more businesses can harness the power of location in their current Microsoft environment. 

Microsoft AppSource makes it simple to enable our location-based software for immediate results

Companies that focus on creating fantastic customer experiences win-out over companies who don’t make this a priority. At Glympse, we know that providing real-time location status builds trust between brands and their customers. Location gives your customers control over their day, no longer requiring lengthy appointment windows. Showing your customers when their home service provider or delivery will arrive provides peace of mind. This is especially important as we all navigate the new normal, with safety and security top of mind.

Location-based experiences are becoming a priority for customers –  more than 50% want real-time visibility. At Glympse, we aim to propel businesses ahead of the competition. With Glympse your customers can opt-in to notifications and see accurate ETA of deliveries or home service providers. You get the location-data your business needs to optimize routes, get actionable data to improve your operations and customer satisfaction, and so much more.

Discover how location-sharing and actionable data can transform your relationship with your customers

Brands that utilize Glympse experience a myriad of benefits; a 35% reduction in customer no-shows and up to a 40% reduction in the volume of customer care calls to name a few. Glympse works in your existing Microsoft Dynamics environment, so you and your customers can start experiencing the benefits quickly. We’re eager to show you even more ways that Glympse can help you create outstanding location-based experiences, so reach out to our team today or check out our new listing on Microsoft AppSource.