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Demand for Curbside Pickup Here to Stay, Data Suggests

demand for curbside pickup has increased over 2019

Pandemic Creates Unprecedented Demand for Curbside Pickup

As shelter-in-place orders expanded across America in March 2020, consumers quickly shifted to curbside pickup to fulfill their shopping needs. Retailers using Glympse and similar pickup platforms recorded record-high sales throughout Q2 while consumers were staying at home. Even as shelter-in-place orders have lifted, the demand for curbside pickup, or click and collect, remains. This suggests that a paradigm shift has taken place in the wake of COVID-19. Retailers who provide a quality pickup option to their customers will be able to brand themselves as more flexible, consumer-friendly outlets. 

Astonishing Year-on-Year Growth in April, May 2020

Curbside Pickup (or click and collect) experienced a 5X growth rate over April and May of 2019. Although BOPIS orders declined in June 2020 compared to the previous two months as states reopened, pickup rates continued to outpace June of 2019.

demand for curbside pickup has increased over 2019

Total customer orders placed during shelter-in-place orders also grew at an incredible pace, peaking in May.

Total order growth over 2019

Data shows that total among all online orders during shelter-in-place, BOPIS orders set growth records for order volume as well.

BOPIS share of all online orders is up

Record-Setting Demand for “Last Mile” Services

Curbside pickup orders gained popularity over the holiday season in 2019, but the rapid demand growth during the shelter-in-place orders outpaced that growth exponentially. More than 2 million online orders were curbside pick-up orders during the period between March 16 and June 11, 2020. Demand for real-time tracking for shoppers has increased by 10X since April, as retailers search for robust solutions to meet consumer demand.

The fact that demand for curbside pickup has continued to increase since the cessation of shelter-in-place orders suggests that consumers have more fully adapted to this new shopping paradigm. Data suggests strong growth in demand for curbside pickup will continue throughout 2020, as some states are now issuing a second shelter-in-place order for the year. Retailers are also realizing that curbside pickup presents an opportunity for their businesses to remain viable and operational, despite the current situation. 

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