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How to Provide a “Service Forward” Mentality to Consumers: What You Need to Know

Thanks to the rate at which modern technology continues to advance, the field services industry is evolving quicker than ever. With the rise of GPS tracking, coupled with the ease of access to things like location intelligence, customers are expecting more from their brands than they ever have before.

They don’t just want to know approximately when a provider might show up at their door or which day a delivery will occur. They want to know exactly when it will happen. They want to know where an employee is right now. They want instant communication capabilities if they feel they need it.

Because of that, to continue to grow, businesses of all sizes must adopt a forward-thinking mentality. One that understands the possibilities that the future might hold every bit as much as it does the potential that can be achieved in the present. 

Why a Service Forward Mentality Matters

Forward-thinking business owners in field services are nothing if not prepared. Not only do they understand what it takes to achieve the goals that they’ve set out for themselves, but they’re also prepared for the pitfalls as well. They understand the failures that they’re likely to encounter. All of this is in the name of mitigating risk and creating the best experiences possible for consumers.

For field services organizations in particular, this journey begins by embracing a platform that doesn’t just offer a “quality” customer experience. They need a platform that exceeds the expectations of customers, giving them exactly what they want before they even have a chance to ask for it. 

Putting the Important Features Front and Center

This means embracing a platform that is specific not just to your industry, but to your customers. As stated, people don’t just want to know that something will be delivered on Thursday. They want to be able to check an app throughout the day, getting accurate ETAs at a moment’s notice. Not only will this give someone quick access to the information they seek, but if they always know where their driver is they don’t have to call in and ask. This frees up the valuable time of customer service employees to focus on more important matters throughout the day. 

If they do have a particularly good experience (or a particularly bad one), they want instant customer feedback reviews. They want to make their opinions heard in a way that verifies you’re actually receptive to what they have to say.

They want two-way chat capabilities so that they can get answers to important questions or address any concerns that they may have. They don’t want to feel like they’re being kept in the dark about any part of the service they’ve already invested in.

All of these are reasons why having access to a platform like Glympse are so important. Glympse’s lineup of solutions are ready to assist businesses of all sizes in creating the service forward, progressive mentality they need to seize the opportunity of today while also preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

There are solutions for organizations of all types, including but not limited to enterprise brands, startups, small and mid-sized businesses, and more. All of this allows organizations to put the emphasis where it belongs: on the quality of the experience they’re offering the everyday consumer, which is where the basis of your competitive advantage is formed.

If you’d like to find out more information about how to provide a service forward, progressive mentality to customers, or if you’d just like to see what the Glympse platform can do for your organization up close and personal, please don’t delay – contact us today.