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Implementing Glympse: FAQs

Glympse Product Snapshot

So you’re considering going with Glympse, but might be wondering what that looks like. You probably have some questions you still need answered about implementing Glympse, or maybe you just want a better understanding of our capabilities. The Glympse Journey is a customizable one. For your end customers, it is an interactive, branded, and phase-driven live map web experience. How does it work? It utilizes modules to display task data as key delivery details to your customers. We also know how important that last mile delivery is, so it provides an ETA countdown in a live map view and real-time location. And once the delivery is complete? It collects feedback immediately! The Glympse Journey is a lot of things, but here are a few examples: 

  1. Flexible to your choice of mapping provider 
  2. Available in consumer-facing mobile applications 
  3. Configurable with choice of standard modules
  4. Includes fully responsive multi-channel notifications for emails, PUSH templates or SMS.
  5. IVS Service that integrates easily with any modern IVR 

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Glympse Platform and Technology

Glympse is implemented as a cloud-based CX Platform running on AWS and is agnostic to any other solutions you may be running or that you may choose to integrate down the road. Our models are proven, with flexible integration. Off-the-shelf mobile app, Native SDKs, and REST API services. The Glympse Mobile platform (SDK) is a technology that acquires location (telemetry) data, generates ETA’s, detects arrival, etc. and has been deployed in over 1 billion devices to date. 

Implementation FAQs 

How will Glympse impact battery life? 

Worried using Glympse will drain your customer’s battery life? It’s a valid concern, but one you don’t need to have with Glympse. We have spent years prospecting and testing our technology so it doesn’t drain battery life. We all know anytime you’re using GPS to share location, it’s a huge drain on your battery. We’ve optimized our system so it isn’t as big of a drain when sharing location. 

What if my customers speak a different language?

Do you have a customer base that speaks different languages and you want to customize their experience? No problem. This is tracked through their browser, so our customers can enable a certain language or languages upon setup.  Then, depending on which one they speak, it will automatically display the correct one. It’s available in almost 32 languages. 

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Is Glympse secure? 

Concerned about safety and security? We are continuously enhancing our solution and practices to adhere to the dynamic GDPR compliance regulations to protect data. States are starting to get more strict with their data and privacy laws. When partnering with someone, you want to think long-term. You won’t have to backtrack working with Glympse as we have adopted SOC 2 Security Trust Service Criteria and Principles. In fact, Glympse is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. What does that mean? It means we had an auditor come in, who audited all of our technology and gave us the stamp of approval. We care about privacy and data security, so over the past 11 years, we have done a lot of work to make sure that what our customers are sharing with us is really safe and secure. 

Does Glympse store customer information? 

Most apps today that want to use your location give you a few options to choose from. You can choose to not allow it, to always allow it or to only allow it when you’re using the app. Glympse was ahead of the curve when it came to this trend. We’ve only ever accessed location when customers are using the service. But what about once customers have reached their final destination? When someone shares their location with Glympse, it’s only temporary. You heard that right, temporary, and we don’t store that information. This is a pretty big distinction from other companies. Data breaches are a major concern in today’s world, and here at Glympse, we want you and your customers to feel comfortable going with Glympse. 

What about a solution for field service? 

We’ve got you covered here too. As evidenced by our many global integrations to date, Glympse can work alongside any Field Service solution and is generally system agnostic.

How is the customer experience journey and integration? 

Glympse provides a complete E2E journey around an event, including sending SMS/Email/PUSH notifications as needed. And the Glympse Journey (viewer) can be embedded with minimal effort. 

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Does Glympse work with digital assistants? 

API’s cater to voice applications such as IVR and digital assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. 

Are the Glympse services accessible? 

We have a big focus on accessibility. Our app is accessible for someone who might need or want to use assistive devices.