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Glympse Delivers Predictive Experience for TruGreen Customers

The Business Problem – Customers Expect Predictability!

Busy consumers need to know when products and services they have ordered will be delivered to them. They will not sit around all day waiting for service providers to show up or wonder if the services and products they ordered have been delivered. In short, they need predictability from all service providers.

Who is showing up when, where are they right now and has the service been completed.

Like all service providers, TruGreen needed a way to let their customers know when their lawn care provider will arrive and when the service has been completed. Ideally, customers don’t even need to be on site, yet can easily monitor the status of their service delivery (many times from afar).

As the nation’s largest lawn care company, TruGreen recognized the concern voiced by their customers and decided to take appropriate action. In addition to providing their customers with better information, they also wanted to track the location of their vehicles to optimize delivery schedules.

“Many of our customers want to know when their technician will arrive so they can be home or be sure that pets are secure and gates are unlocked, so it’s critical that we are able to share ETAs and updates,” says Ken DeWitt, chief information officer at TruGreen.

TruGreen routes hundreds of thousands of jobs to customers’ homes and businesses daily. They needed a way to streamline communication between service specialists and customers to create a more personalized consumer experience.

Glympse + Verizon Connect Solutions Deliver Predictable Information

Leveraging advanced routing and location software provided by Verizon Connect, Glympse designed a mobile solution that delivers:

  • Location address and coordinates
  • Scheduled arrival time
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA),
  • Service Delivery Information

Through the dedicated TruGreen app, customers receive a unique link via SMS text, email or mobile app notifications, allowing them to view the latest service timing information provided by Glympse, including the ability to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

TruGreen is now able to provide its customers with a map view, including ETA of specialists on the way to service appointments. Customers know to the minute when their specialist will arrive for the service appointment.

“As the leader in the professional law care industry, TruGreen is truly committed to providing excellent service to their customers,” said Rob Foley, Glympse vice president of Customer Solutions. “We are proud to have been selected by TruGreen to further their goals of providing innovative technologies to educate their customers and showing true digital leadership.

We understand how important it is for TruGreen to build on the outstanding customer service they are currently delivering; especially during the critical window from the time a TruGreen customer schedules their service to when the specialist arrives onsite. The Glympse platform provides TruGreen with the ability to improve customer communication and real-time visibility, resulting in overall better efficiency and a better customer experience.”

The Take Away

Glympse has successfully integrated its technology with the Verizon Connect field service software platform on which TruGreen plans, delivers and executes its customer routes, tracks customer jobs and monitors the safety of its drivers.

Mark Wallin, vice president of product management at Verizon Connect says, “TruGreen is a leader in its space because they provide extraordinary experiences for their customers and keep them in the know.”

To read more about TruGreen, Glympse and Verizon Connect, please read our recent news release by clicking here.