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Improve Your Last Mile Visibility and Gain a Competitive Edge

What happens in the last mile is the number one critical success factor for every service delivery company on the planet. Companies who do it right survive and thrive while their competitors are left to wonder what happened.

93% of customers surveyed reported that the ability to provide insight about the status and estimated time of arrival (ETA) for an upcoming delivery or home service was essential to maintaining their competitive edge.

Clear, real-time visibility for deliveries is no longer optional. It is mandatory and a key differentiator for customers deciding whether or not to stay with a service delivery company. Customers now demand a higher level of service because they know the technology to provide real-time tracking is readily available.

Real Time Tracking Makes the Difference

With real-time last mile tracking technology product and service delivery companies can easily offer:

  • On demand ordering
  • Last minute add-ons
  • Same-day fulfillment

Major brands around the world now turn to Glympse to transform their last mile experience for deliveries of all types, whether for retail orders, furniture, office supplies or heavy equipment.

Major Brands Rely on Glympse for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Glympse customers get the jump on their competitors and become more effective by:

  • Eliminating missed deliveries
  • Reducing inbound calls to customer service
  • Driving incremental revenue with timely add-ons and up-sells
  • Capturing contextual customer feedback
  • Reacting to the data in real-time
  • Raising overall customer satisfaction

Running into last mile challenges? Here are some ways to overcome them.

Dramatically Improving the Overall Customer Service Relationship

With Glympse, customers are able to track a delivery or a service technician from point of origin to their doorstep. They know when a shipment of service is expected (ETA) and are provided with mapping technology to track the process from beginning to end.

In addition, because Glympse customers know exactly when to expect the delivery, they can confidently schedule around it:

  • Freeing up time
  • Eliminating friction and frustration
  • Reducing uncertainty
  • Gaining confidence in the service provider and
  • Redefining the entire customer service engagement process.

Glympse Creating a New Paradigm for the Last Mile

When a product or service delivery company can confidently predict when a customer can expect delivery, it creates a whole new customer experience. Customers actually enjoy watching the progress of their delivery and tell others how well it works. Delivery tracking from Glympse creates a whole new paradigm for the last mile delivery.

Industries Who Can Benefit from Glympse Solutions

Glympse solutions are now in use in the following industries:

  • Food Service Delivery
  • Product Delivery
  • Service Technician Scheduling
  • Curbside Delivery
  • Courtesy Shuttles
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Product Delivery
  • Consumer Location Sharing