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Three Customer Success Stories

As we all know, last mile delivery can be costly in both dollars and time…but not having a last mile solution could cost you more. An inefficient system and a less-than-ideal customer experience can mean losses in money and time as well as reduced customer loyalty.

Glympse solves the last mile gap between companies and their customers, delivering a smoother customer experience, cost savings, and increased revenue. But don’t take our word for it—our customers’ experience speaks for itself. Here are three examples of how we have helped our customers achieve success with last mile delivery.

Improved Last Mile Delivery and Reduced Costs


A large American telecommunications and mass media company was looking to reduce customer care calls and improve communication with customers regarding the ETA of their service technicians.

They were already using SMS notifications to alert customers of their appointments, but they still received numerous calls inquiring about the technician’s status. Simple notifications were not enough to satisfy customer expectations when they needed a technician on site. 

Additionally, the technicians continued to have issues with customers not being home during expected appointment windows. They needed an additional customer experience tool to reduce inquiry calls and ensure customers were home to meet their technicians.


Glympse helped this company by enhancing their SMS notifications with location data. 

Now, when their customers receive a notification, they are also provided with a link to a map that provides accurate and updated ETAs, a live map when their technician is on the way to their home or business, and the ability to rate the service immediately after completion. 

They also added Glympse’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration to further deflect calls to customer care.


The addition of the location link alone provided significant call reduction. Within the first 90 days, this company reduced their customer care calls by 21%. 

When they added IVR integration, their call volume dropped a whopping 68%, saving them $1.5 million in monthly costs! Needless to say, this client’s business has benefited immensely from this innovative solution.

Call Center Savings and Enhanced Customer Experience


A national lawn care service with over 2 million customers was in a similar boat. 

Maintaining a superior quality of service to their customers was vital to their brand, but many calls to their customer care were from customers inquiring about when their appointment was scheduled, asking to reschedule, or wondering where their lawn care technician was. 

The cost of these calls and the frustration of their customers was becoming a big problem.

Being true innovators in the lawn care industry, they suspected they could reduce these inbound calls by providing their customers with SMS and email notifications to remind customers of their appointment time along with last mile live tracking and ETA. 


Glympse created a service technician location tracker for them, allowing them to send appointment reminders to customers along with their service technician’s ETA and updates along each step of their journey through to service completion.

Customers are also given the opportunity to reschedule their appointment and rate their service all from the app or on the web.


The company saw an immediate reduction in calls to customer care. Consequently, they quickly added IVR as part of their customer service offering, which reduced calls even further. 

All in all, they have reduced their customer care calls by 35%, all while creating a streamlined and personalized customer service experience. It’s a win-win for them and their customers.

An Upgraded Curbside Pickup Experience


A national chain of retail stores needed a customer experience tool that would create a seamless curbside pickup experience for their customers as well as advise store employees of the customer’s ETA to improve the efficiency of their service.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, curbside pickup became astronomically more vital to the success of their business. And with the increase in customers ordering online and requesting curbside pickup, their established system was not sufficient to ensure a prime customer experience.


We stepped in with our curbside pickup solution. The Glympse curbside pickup experience allows the store to alert customers when their order is ready via email, SMS, or push notifications. It also allows the store to communicate their contactless pickup process to ensure a safe and seamless experience for customers and staff alike. 

Additionally, customers can share their location so the store knows their ETA and can be ready to carry their order out to them when they arrive. This improves the customer experience by saving them time and ensuring their safety, as well as improving store staff efficiency and safety.


The company estimates that 70% of their customers have adopted the use of the new curbside pickup tool, resulting in a 20% reduction in customer care calls and a 50% reduction in customer wait time. It has become their new preferred method for curbside pickup.

Even better, they have found it to be an easy tool for store staff to learn and use. According to one store associate, “It has been easy to train and all associates—even the less tech savvy ones—have quickly picked up the functions and are now more efficiently getting orders to our customers.”

How Glympse Can Bring Last Mile Success to Your Business

Whether you need to reduce customer care calls, improve customer communication around appointments, or remodel your delivery or curbside pickup communication process, Glympse has a solution.

With Glympse you can remove last mile uncertainty, raise customer satisfaction and lower your costs. Contact us today to begin your journey to a better last mile experience.