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Tackle the Last Mile with Glympse

We all know that companies can’t afford to make last mile delivery a last priority. But we also know that achieving last mile success isn’t without its challenges. You’ve likely put a lot of time and energy into ensuring the beginning and middle miles of your customer’s journey are well-oiled machines. Don’t lose steam during this final leg of the journey. We know it’s not an easy road to go down alone. That’s why we’re here to here to help you tackle the last mile with Glympse.

Challenges of Last Mile Delivery: The Three C’s

Customer Experience

The Glympse Journey experience drives incredible customer engagement. It goes far beyond a simple text-based notification with an overly broad ETA. When you choose to tackle the last mile with Glympse, you can expect that your customers will spend upwards of 5 minutes actively engaged with each step of the journey. That’s what makes Glympse a powerful channel for customer marketing, customer service, upselling revenue opportunities, and creative e-commerce. Did you know that we can integrate any of these capabilities directly into your Glympse-powered last mile customer experience? 

The customer experience isn’t just exclusive to your customers. Glympse takes it a step further and ensures that this isn’t a “one size fits all” experience for our customers either. We want to ensure our customers get a Glympse Journey of their very own. Our platform first approach means our solution is incredibly customizable and flexible. You can design and implement unique customer-facing experiences to match your brand and business processes. You pick which phases are relevant to your Journey and omit those that are not. 


We likely don’t need to tell you that last mile delivery can be costly, in both dollars and time. In fact, it’s the most time-consuming and expensive part of the shipping process. However, there is a lot of opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency. There’s been a rise in “free shipping,” but we all know it’s not “free.” You and your logistics partners are the ones who absorb those costs. When you tackle the last mile with Glympse, we’ve been able to reduce partner’s costs by 30-40%. 

As we mentioned above, with Glympse you can expect your customers to be actively engaged. You can leverage that customer engagement and increase your revenue with targeted add-ons in the moment of service and keep them coming back with special offers. As a result, you’ll increase retention and increase lifetime value. 

As an added bonus, our partners have seen an increase in revenue thanks to fewer customer cancellations and reschedules. Giving customers a more accurate service window or delivery time also allows for a better customer experience, which as you know, is one of the last mile challenges. 


This leads us to our third “C” … communication. Communication isn’t just important in the last mile, it’s critical throughout the entire journey. From your internal communications to your external, customer communications. Our platform gives you a solution you need to improve communication and increase satisfaction when your services or products are delivered to or picked up by your customers. We’ve worked to streamline last mile deliveries with real-time location sharing technology and solve the gap between you and your customer. 

With Glympse you can communicate and engage. Your customers can communicate on their terms, with: 

  • Live messaging 
  • Self-service IVR
  • Voice assistant skills

Glympse also allows your customers to give you timely feedback, so if there is an issue, you can course-correct and if it’s something you’re doing right, you can keep going down that path.

You’ll reduce call volume with low-touch communication and provide an easy way for your customers to keep you informed. The result? A decrease in customer care costs. 

Glympse Goes the Extra Mile 

We’d like to think that the consistent results speak for themselves and prove that Glympse will go the extra mile for you and your customers: 

  • 10-35% reduction in customer no-shows and not-at-homes 
  • 25-40% reduction in last mile customer care calls
  • 4.6 out of 5 rating + 14 NPS score 
  • 25% reduction in “where’s my delivery” customer service calls 
  • 30-40% reduction in operating costs 
  • And more! 

Not to mention, you get peace of mind when you go with Glympse. Data security and privacy are huge to us, further proven by our SOC 2 Type 2 Certification. We don’t sell data to any third parties and all data is disassociated with account information after 48 hours, by default. We treat your customers like our own and take their Glympse Journey and yours, very seriously. 

At the heart of every single mobile interaction is location sharing. By partnering with Glympse, you’ll get intelligence about your customers and what they care about, as well as insight into your employees. This information is key to finding new opportunities for efficiencies and revenue.  Enhance your customer experience, reduce costs and improve communication when you tackle the last mile with Glympse. 

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