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Verizon Connect Partners with Glympse to Deliver a Personalized, Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Providing a seamless omni-channel experience for your customers, one in which a conversation can hop from email to SMS to voice and more without causing confusion or hassle, is essential in today’s customer experience economy. Yet many businesses are still struggling to execute on delivering this omni-channel experience.

That is why we are proud to announce that Glympse was selected by yet another great brand, Verizon Connect to help them provide a richer, more data-driven mobile app experience for their customers.

We are live this week at Latitude 2018 event in Dana City, CA, to make this great announcement. Hosted by Verizon Connect, Latitude 2018 is where innovative technologies, ideas and people come together to inspire and share a new world of possibilities. It’s a premier industry event for mobile workforce management professionals.

The new Glympse/Verizon Connect partnership enables the Verizon Connect mobile workforce platform to deliver key information about a service technician or delivery driver, including multi-channel notifications and an immersive web or mobile-based multiphase experience journey that includ

es the live location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the technician or the driver

We are proud to announce that TruGreen is one of our joint customers in market today, an announcement that was made last month.  Read more about how we are helping TruGreen here.  

As part of this enhanced digital customer experience, customers receive a unique link via SMS text, email or mobile app notifications, allowing them to view the latest service timing information, including the ability to reschedule their appointment. Further, once the service professional is en route to that appointment, the customer will be able to see their location on a live map, including ETA, so they know to the minute when they will arrive for the service appointment.

Mark Wallin, vice president of product management at Verizon Connect, “We are excited to offer a solution that will help connect businesses more closely to their customers, giving them the ability to access near real-time information about their service and the location of their service professional.”

Verizon Connect customers will be able to provide their customers key information regarding the location, arrival time and job information for a particular work request or routine specialist visit, along with adding a service rating and ability to leave feedback, enabling a near real-time performance indicator.

Chris Ruff, CEO and president at Glympse, mentioned, “By partnering with Verizon Connect we are able to help them improve communication and visibility for end customers by putting key information–such as location of their technician or driver, ETA, and much more at their fingertips, resulting in a more satisfying and immersive experience.”

To read more about this announcement or to schedule a meeting with us at Latitude 2018, please see here.