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Why Your Field Service Industry Small Biz Needs Glympse PRO

Woman receiving a delivery

Service calls can be stressful for customers. They have to take time out of their day to be home and be ready when a plumber, HVAC repairman, electrician, or another type of field service technician arrives to their house. We hear from small businesses every day that they struggle with a lack of real-time communication and control during the moments their customers are anxiously waiting for a product or service transaction. We understand it’s no longer a ‘nice to have, it is an expectation of your customer’s demand – transparency, more communication, and control over when exactly the technician will arrive. 

That’s where Glympse PRO comes in. Glympse PRO is a solution for small businesses with on-location service appointments looking to provide their customers with better information about scheduled jobs. It provides real-time, continuously updated ETAs reminders of when the service technician will arrive via tailored and professional on-the-way text/email messages. 

What is Glympse PRO?

For small businesses that need a reliable location-sharing and customer notification solution, Glympse PRO offers a cost-effective and affordable, easy-to-use online tool that enhances and improves operations without the need to purchase an expensive enterprise-level platform.

Your customers will receive multiple, proactive notifications (text and/or email) all directing them to initially view and then check back to a unique web-based map, where Glympse PRO displays and updates details about the technician or drivers arrival time. As their appointment or delivery draws closer, Glympse PRO automatically updates that experience with a “live” view of the person on the way, arrival confirmation, and even an instant request for feedback.

It is more than a live map and ETA; it engages the end customer in a multi-step, highly engaging experience. Our solutions contain automated location-triggered messaging and smart pushes to dynamically trigger push messaging based on real-time locations. And we do this without unnecessarily draining the phone battery. 

Why Customers Love Glympse PRO

As many as 40 percent of consumers have reported experiencing anxiety while waiting for service calls. “Sometime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.” simply isn’t a good enough estimate for customers in this day and age. They expect transparency and timely updates from service businesses. Glympse PRO gives them the information they need when they need it and offers the opportunity for them to provide immediate feedback.

Glympse PRO is the most powerful Uber-like app available on the market for small businesses. Small businesses have been asking for a real-time technician and last-mile delivery tracking solution for years, and Glympse is now delivering. Our software is easy to use, is scalable, and it meets SOC 2 Type II compliance for assurance of location data security and privacy. It can take years for companies to develop their own geo-location solution for providing the best customer experience. Instead of wasting time, effort, and money on your own development, it makes more sense to give Glympse a try and see how it can help move your service business forward.