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Announcing New Premium Tags for Events, Companies and Clubs

Purchasing a Glympse Premium Tag

We’re thrilled to announce Glympse Premium Tags, an easy way to customize the Glympse App. Premium Tags let you securely and temporarily share a location for groups, clubs, events and so much more.

There are so many situations in our lives where a traditional mapping app just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you own an ice cream food truck and want to instantly share your location with devoted customers. Or you’re trying to track down Santa on a parade route (read more about our Santa Tracker in our recent blog). Or you’re participating in a cycling club and want to meet up with the group on their route.

Glympse aims to solve these issues and create an easy experience to the targeted audience.

“We’ve received a lot of inquiries from communities, companies and organizations all over the world about branding Glympse for specific events,” said Chris Ruff, president and CEO of Glympse. “We’re proud to announce this new feature that helps others create a spirit of camaraderie safely, securely, and easily.”

What’s Different about Glympse Premium Tags?

A typical Glympse Public Tag allows you to easily view and quickly share your location with friends on Glympse. Glympse tags are public, so anyone who knows the tag name can join and see the tag’s location. It’s perfect for tracking or finding friends on a shared map during big events like a concert or sports game. 

Glympse Premium Tags are a new level of customization and branding and are built for companies, small businesses, festivals, or community/special interest groups.

You need a Glympse account to create a Premium Tag, but anyone you share the Premium Tag with – even if they don’t have the Glympse App – can track and follow you along a route and know where to meet you. Here are some examples:

  • Local festivals or parades that have a character on the move, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny
  • Food trucks or ice cream trucks
  • Marathons or running clubs
  • Cycling, hiking or other outdoor groups

With Premium Tags, you get to personalize your mapping and tracking experience: Choose your logo, colors, specific user names, and many more elements:

  • Include a link to give followers more information about event details, reminders or directions.
  • Add special messages and banners to enhance engagement with your audience or customers.
  • Set up to 7 routes, with the ability to assign a route on a particular day. Here’s an example:

Like everything we create, Glympse Premium Tags are secure, safe and temporary. You’re in control of how you share and when you share.

How Premium Tags Work

Glympse Premium Tags let business owners, local governments, organizations, and companies create and share a more engaging experience.

  1. Download the Glympse App (iOS or Android) and create a Glympse account if you don’t have one already.
  2. At the bottom of the navigation panel, tap the ‘G’ button and then ‘Select a Public tag’.
  3. Choose “Premium Tag” and enter the name for your tag, such as or Marathon or Wednesday
  4. After verification, you’ll be redirected for mobile payment processing.
  5. Once the purchase is made, you can customize your experience.
  6. You’ll be given a link to share with the public. Anyone who clicks on the link will see your real-time location during your event.

Our tutorial video “Purchasing a Premium Tag” goes into detail about the process.

More tutorial videos will be released in October. Please find these as they are released on our website or YouTube playlist.

Share the Premium Tag link with your community or customers by posting it to your website, sending it on social media, emailing to others, turning it into a QR code, and more. Anyone who clicks on the link will see your real-time location during your event — they don’t even need the Glympse App.

Creating a Glympse Premium Tag is just $99 a year. Best of all, whoever you share the Glympse Premium Tag with will see your location for free. It’s an easy, fun way to engage the community or your customers!

Learn more about customization options, sharing, and privacy controls. Go here for Premium Tag FAQs.

Scan our QR code to download our Consumer App and get started with Premium Tags.
Scan our QR code to download our Consumer App and get started with Premium Tags.