En Route

Glympse En Route helps you transform your customer’s delivery experience with the combination of real-time operative ETA tracking, automated customer notifications, multi-way communications and more. No more calls to care asking, “Where is the technician?” or “Where is my product?”  

Leading Brands Partner with Glympse

Glympse En Route is a hybrid-native application for enterprise brands that is available in the app stores or through a partner’s mobile device manager (MDM).

Pre-Built Integrations for Faster ROI

Glympse offers out-of-the-box integrations with leading industry platforms. Get a faster implementation, efficient deployment and quicker results!

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Glympse En Route is fully customizable to fit your use case and brand. End customers do not need a mobile app to view or engage to receive this fully responsive contextual experience. Features include, but are not limited to the following:

Live Map and ETA
Live location of delivery or technician when en route to your customer. Live map and accurate ETAs let your customers know exactly when they can expect you

Customer Journey
Provides complete visibility through a customizable 5-phase journey that includes Scheduled, ETA, Live, Arrived, Complete. We even have No Show, Delayed and more.

Automated Communication
Send customers automated ETA notifications via email, SMS, push notifications, all based upon your driver/technician’s location.

White-Label Capabilities
Highly customizable to fit your unique needs and brand. We work closely with you to make sure it is what you want and how you want it.

Multi-Way Messaging
Configurable multi-way messaging between tech, driver, end-customer, call center reps, office for better communication between your team and customer. Can be routed to backend for driver safety.

Technician/Driver Profile
Configurable views that include name, photo, avatar. As much or as little as you prefer.

Job Details/Order Summary
We have the ability to include the customer order or details, so all is conveniently in one place for a great cusotmer experience.

Voice Assistant, Chat and IVR Integration Capabilities
Integrate Glympse En Route into your voice, chat and IVR systems for even more incredible operational savings.

Multi-brand Capabilities
Have more than one brand? No worries. We can provide you multiple brand experiences within your same solution.

Advertising and Marketing
Make the most of your customers’ engagement by leveraging content space in the app for special offers, upsell opportunities, service instructions and more.

If you do not want to show the exact location of the driver, no worries. We can cloak the location, so the end customer knows the general vicinity only.

Instant Customer Feedback
Capturing feedback in the moment of service or delivery is critical to providing a better customer experience. Feedback prompts are displayed directly in the app where customers are engaged.

Data and Business Insights
We provide you with daily, weekly or monthly task detail reports you can use to improve operations. Send to your BI team or plug into a BI tool.

Image and Signature Capture
Give customers greater peace of mind by confirming order deliveries or repairs with images of completed work. We also have signature capture.

Back-end Console
Powerful console for operations and call centers, complete with metrics and data for managers of all levels.

Multiple Languages/Localization
Leverage our language functionality to offer the Glympse experience to your customers in their native language that their browser is set to display.

World-class Companies Choose Glympse En Route

A Proven Platform

Platform-based approach that’s extensible to nearly any device or system

Highly Configurable

Highly configurable features support the right journeys for your business needs

Pre-built Integrations

An efficient setup, with pre-built integrations with leading field service solutions

Powerful SDKs & APIs

Integrate the En Route SDK into your application and leverage enterprise-grade REST API endpoints

Partnering with the Best

Global partnerships with mapping, navigation, customer notification platforms, wearables, IoT devices, and messaging applications

Business Insights

Intuitive insights that measure operational efficiency and assess customer satisfaction

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