Proven Geo-Location Technology for B2C and B2B Companies

Companies around the world use Glympse to track assets, people and products in motion. Optimize services, make operations more efficient, and delight your customers with geo-location technology!

Who We Serve

These industries rely on the Glympse platform, products and services to optimize operations, provide seamless service, track deliveries, guarantee on-time pick-up, and manage check-ins. With a customized dashboard of data and insights, customers discover ways to improve productivity, performance and customer service.


  • Fleet tracking and visibility
  • Deliveries and pickups
  • Arrival notifications
  • Courier services

Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Forward logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Deliveries and pickups
  • Asset tracking and visibility
  • Geofencing technology

Retail, Restaurant & Grocery

  • Product Delivery
  • Pickups/Curbside / BOPIS
  • Reverse Logistics / Returns
  • Arrival notifications

Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

  • Logistics and supply chain visibility
  • Asset and fleet tracking
  • Fleet visibility

Roadside Assistance

  • Service and arrival notifications (CX)
  • Locate customers in need
  • Customer notifications

Medical Supply & Distribution

  • Deliveries and pickups
  • Return drop-offs
  • Service appointments
  • Asset tracking

Field Service (B2B & B2C)

  • Home or office service appointments
  • Appointment scheduling/customer notifications
  • Order pickups and returns
  • Location intelligence

And many others

No matter your size, if you have employees, products or assets on the move, Glympse will take you to the next level.

"Utilizing Glympse's location sharing technology significantly enhances the in-home customer service experience and reinforces our commitment to on-time appointment arrivals."

EVP and COO of Residential Services


Brands Trust Glympse to Securely Connect the Right People, at the Right Time —
When it Matters Most

Our Promise: We don’t Sell or Keep your Data

Glympse users share and visualize locations safely, securely and temporarily. We don’t harvest or sell customer information — ever. Location data is disassociated with account information after 48 hours.

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