Glympse 2GO

Glympse brings location precision solutions for online order pickup, carryout, BOPIS, check-ins and more. Get real-time visibility into the location of your customers and assets coming to you. Improve operations. Empower your customers with automated check-ins.

Predictive ETA, Geo-Fencing, Kiosks and More

Our proprietary technology allows businesses to customize their pickup zones to best fit their needs.

  • Arrival & ETA notifications based on customer distance, real time ETA and more
  • Fulfillment kiosk app that displays live view, advanced analytics on customer trips, and store wait times
  • Polygonal geo-fencing around the store
  • Fulfillment mobile app
  • Multi-way messaging
  • Battery optimized
  • Mobile app (live-sharing) mobile web solutions available
Glympse Curbside Solution

Native and Mobile Web App Options

Glympse has options for brands with or without a native mobile app. Our highly configurable business rules for notifying stores. Alerting is based on customer distance and real-time ETA. Alerts can be sent to apps and 3rd party apps.

Automated Check-ins to Help Engage Customers

Provide your customers with pickup instructions along their journey to you. They simply drive to the designated area. No wait. No action needed from them. Just a smooth, simple pickup experience. Read more here.

Insightful Data for Proactive Improvements

Utilize our “arrivals” board in your store or warehouse to track assets and customers arriving. For the back office, our analytics dashboard reveals key driver and facility metrics, helping you identify areas of excellence or opportunity. See more here.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Glympse 2GO helps your staff work faster and easier. Anticipate delays and prioritize pickups with customer real-time locations, notifications and ETA.  With continuous location updates, employees are able to prioritize the fulfillment and staging of orders based on the customer’s ETA to you.

"We love Glympse 2GO. It has been easy to train staff, even the less tech-savvy ones. All associates have quickly picked up the functions and are now more efficiently getting orders to our customers. Being able to message customers has helped us find them and confirm their pick-up location."

Assistant Store Manager, Operations
Crate & Barrel
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A Glimpse into our Clients

A global technology company needed an easy, accurate way to collect and track the collection of computers from its corporate customers across the U.S. Using Glympse 2GO’s tracking and geo-fencing triggered alerts, the company tracks the assets’ movement and delivery trucks’ arrivals at designated facilities.

Read our Case Studies here.

Professional Services: Let's Partner

Our professional services team can help you build the right tools and tech for your needs. Learn about our geo-location professional service options!