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Watch for our CEO, Chris Ruff, on the Field Service Panel for Digital Transformation

Field Service 2021 is November 16-18 at the JW Marriott in Palm Springs. A live stream will also be available for those who wish to attend virtually.

Since 2003, Field Service 2021 has provided a place for the top support minds and service executives to get together and discuss achieving service excellence and driving profitability. Glympse is excited to participate this year as a sponsor and panel presenter!

Take a Glympse below for a sneak peek at what Chris will be talking about, why we’re excited to attend, and our list of can’t miss sessions.

Key Points for the Panel

It’s a critical time for businesses struggling to find staff and also stay on top of operations. However, a business’s digital transformation journey doesn’t have to be on hold due to these staff shortages.

Location tracking technology can help the staff you have now be more productive. For example, track your drivers and technicians to optimize their schedules, decrease missed appointments by providing ETAs, and ultimately increase the number of jobs your staff does in a week. 

Never has real-time location been more critical to managing a business. Discover what’s out there to ensure your business performance doesn’t suffer in our short-staffed world. 

Why Glympse is Attending Field Service 2021

At Glympse, we understand SMBs still face significant hurdles in today’s world. SMB leaders, especially in the field service industry, continue to experience challenges. Responding to inquiries and customer calls, finding and retaining staff, and providing a connected experience for customers to maintain brand loyalty is only getting harder. 

We believe the effective use of technology can be a differentiator for SMBs. 

Glympse is launching a solution tailored specifically to SMBs called Glympse Pro. Our solution uses the power of location to drive more revenue by decreasing customer calls to your business, cutting out distractions and wasted time for technicians, and helping you complete more jobs in a day. 

We’re taking our success with enterprise businesses and opening up those opportunities for SMBs.

To learn more about our solution, Visit Glympse PRO, where you can sign up to be part of our beta program and get a jumpstart on using our software! 

Our List of Can’t-Miss Sessions

KEYNOTE: Resisting the Urge to Go Back to Business as It Was Before the Pandemic

Tuesday, Nov. 16 @ 10:05-10:25am

This keynote is presented by Tim Spencer, SVP & General Manager of Service Operations at BUNN. Tim will talk about companies becoming leaner and meaner in how we do business now and how the need for digital solutions has accelerated. He’ll also talk about how tech adoption is helping BUNN grow their business – something Glympse is also passionate about!

WORKSHOP H – Driving Customer Success: Reducing Customer Effort in Service Interactions

Tuesday, Nov. 16 @ 2:25-3:15pm

This workshop is hosted by Jatin Thakker, Director for Global Service and Sales Support at Carestream Health. We can relate to Carestream’s passion for streamlining its customer experience. Jatin will talk about Carestream’s digital journey and their steps to give their customers more access and better insights into their orders.

PANEL: Digital Transformation Acceleration – Maintaining the Innovation Momentum Spurred by the Events of 2020 & 2021

Wednesday, Nov. 17 @ 11:05-11:45am

This will be a can’t miss panel featuring our CEO and President, Chris Ruff, Larry Blue from Bell and Howell, Tyrone Parker from Pitney Bowes, and Jatin Thakker from Carestream Health. Hear from these leaders on keeping your digitalization pace through recovery and staying ahead of the competition, as well as the next unforeseen global disruption. 

Be sure to look for us at Kiosk #3 in the West Foyer! For details and information on Field Service 2021, visit