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Use Cases & Examples of Glympse for Yard Management Logistics


At Glympse, we like to say that if you have people, products or assets in motion, we can track them. For transportation and logistics industries, tracking is especially important for smooth, easy and safe yard management.

If you’re a large facility with trucks moving in and out of a yard, you know safety is THE #1 metric. Drivers must follow designated routes and turnaround areas, arrive and depart on time, and have the appropriate paperwork and safety procedures. Yard teams shouldn’t be caught by surprise if a carrier gets lost in an undesignated area.

Geo-Location Benefits for Yard Management

Glympse geo-location technology precisely tracks, visualizes, and alerts users to the location of trucks approaching and moving through a yard. It’s an Uber-like experience for both carrier drivers and yard teams.

  • Ensure trucks travel safely using designated yard routes
  • Coordinate more efficient pick-ups and deliveries
  • Deliver a better customer experience to carrier clients, reducing congestion and idle time

Uses Cases: How Glympse Works for Yard Management and Safety

The Glympse technology platform is extensible and flexible. That means we can build nearly any geo-location solution for your specific yard management needs. Here’s an example:

The Need

Manufacturer X asked us to provide a yard management solution to give commercial truck drivers detailed directions at the facility and improve safety. The solution must:

  • Integrate with Manufacturer X’s in-house and third-party logistics systems
  • Make carrier pick-ups and drop-offs more efficient, as measured by shorter detention and dwell times
  • Assist with optimizing routes that are rated for trucks, turn-arounds and safety
  • Hands-free solution for drivers
  • Automate as many manual tasks for drivers and yard teams as possible
  • Provide predictive ETAs to help address issues before they become fire-drills
  • Alerts and reminders (like safety checklists) automatically initiated with geo-fencing technology
  • Deliver actionable, real-time data and analytics for tracking safety, operational efficiency and sustainability goals

The Solution

Glympse’s yard management solution provided all of this and more for Manufacturer X.


  • Hands-free, optimized yard routing with detailed directions
  • Automatic rerouting if driver makes an error
  • Automated driver reminders regarding PPE, paperwork, safety measures pushed via text

Automation & Efficiency

  • Geo-fencing automatically triggers directions as driver nears the yard
  • Easy for admins to adjust yard routes, storage yard location, etc. based on changing needs
  • Real-time, predictive ETAs for faster loading/unloading


  • One-tap text or call option for easy communication between driver and yard team


  • Ability to measure and track idling time, routing and loading times, and much more
  • Gather drivers’ feedback to improve the yard experience
  • Measure yard activities against corporate and/or partner supply chain sustainability goals

Glympse in Action: For Commercial Drivers

Here’s what our solution looks like in action, both from the driver’s and the yard manager’s perspectives.

1. As they approach the yard, the driver gets simple, straightforward directions (audibly and visually). If necessary, drivers are also requested to fill out a pre-check form.

2. The driver automatically receives unique, detailed directions for load pick-up.

3. After the pickup has been fulfilled, a Summary of Order will be automatically sent.

4. As the driver prepares to leave, they are automatically removed from the Glympse map as they exit the yard. They will also be prompted with a survey on their experience at the facility.

Here is a complete overview of the Glympse Yard Management process. We understand each facility is ran differently which is why we made our system customizable. Our graphics represent what could be accomplish before customization in implemented. Our utmost goal is to offer you the finest customizable yard management platform available in the industry.

Glympse in Action: Yard Operators and Managers

Yard teams get real-time visibility into carrier driver location for better efficiency, safety and coordination.

Need Something Different? Let’s Talk.

The Glympse platform is adaptable and powerful, with enterprise-grade SDKs and flexible, REST and server-to-server APIs. So whether you just need a few features or our complete end-to-end solution, we can do it. Let Glympse solve your geo-location yard management needs – once and for all.