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Interning at Glympse: Two Interns Share Their Experience

Here at Glympse, it is important for us to continually learn and grow, and it is also important for us to give back. One way we accomplish both is by mentoring younger people through sponsoring events like Women Who Code, as well as through our internship program.  

Why We Value Interns at Glympse

Our internship program, albeit not as put-together as those at some larger companies, provides an opportunity for our current team members to connect with people right out of college or still attending college — to meet with them, speak with them, and, ultimately, mentor them.

Being afforded the opportunity to carefully teach young people how to complete tasks and accomplish goals often provides powerful personal motivation for team members to hold themselves to a higher account and to act as stronger leaders. 

Encouraging our team to guide and educate others builds strong morale and multiplies effective leadership here at Glympse.

Why Do Interns Choose Glympse?

As with any internship program, there are a variety of reasons why people choose to become interns here at Glympse. 

Certainly, interning at Glympse gives them the chance to learn new skills from leaders in the industry, as well as to get an idea of what it’s like to work here. And considering that we were named one of Washington’s Best Workplaces of 2021 (and in 2018 as well!), there’s a good chance that interns choose to take part in our program because they know they’ll have a good time while they learn.

But don’t take our word for it — let’s hear from a couple of our current interns about why they chose to intern at Glympse.

Ayan Gowrishankar, Data Team Intern

What drew you to intern at Glympse?

I initially interned with Glympse as a marketing intern in the summer of 2019. A couple of years later I was invited back to join the data team and jumped on the opportunity because of the great experience I had the first time. 

Thanks to Glympse, I was able to meet so many great people, work on projects that were of interest to me, and experience the kind of effort and teamwork it takes to run a company. 

What’s something you’ve learned at Glympse that will stick with you as you begin your career?

Working with the data team has really helped me bolster my skill set in the data analytics/data engineering space. From working on EDW design and implementation to creating meaningful visuals for client reporting and improved client services, I have been able to learn a lot this summer about how we as people plan to leverage data to make better decisions.

What school do you attend? 

I am starting my senior year at Arizona State University where I will be majoring in Business Data Analytics with a minor/certificate in Digital Business Innovation.

Owen Valdez, Marketing Intern

What drew you to intern at Glympse?

What drew me to intern at Glympse is the professional and friendly work environment.  After my first interview and conversing with Chief Business Officer Cami Zimmer about the company, I knew that my opinion would matter at Glympse. Additionally, Glympse respects their employees regardless of their job hierarchy.

What’s something you’ve learned at Glympse that will stick with you as you begin your career?

So far, I’ve been given the opportunity to learn many important skills that will be imperative to my future career such as marketing research, SEO analysis, and sales skills. For soft skills, I have learned to refine my time management and presenting skills which are both essential to future career growth.

As I see it, Glympse has jumped-started my professional career by giving me the opportunity to use concepts previously learned in college. 

What school did you attend? 

I graduated from California State University East Bay in December of 2020. During my last school year at college, COVID-19 lockdowns were initiated which fostered remote learning. This completely changed the way my colleagues and I had to learn and conduct projects. While this was initially a drastic change, distance learning prepared me to work remotely for Glympse. 

The great thing about Glympse is that they allowed me to intern while being located in California. Most other businesses would have ignored my application due to distance restraints.

As you can tell, interning at Glympse has been a positive experience for our interns. It has been a positive experience for us as well. We value the opportunity to take part in preparing our interns for successful careers, and we look forward to seeing the impact they will have on our industry in the years to come.