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How Our People Make Glympse a Best Place to Work

It’s official!

Glympse has been named one of Washington’s Best Places to Work 2018, and we couldn’t be more proud. With literally thousands of companies in Washington, being designated this honor is no easy feat.  Click here for all the details on the award.

So, what makes Glympse stand out from the rest?

  1. We believe that our people (aka Team Glympse) are core to our business success

If the people aren’t the best, then neither is the company. We know our success depends on the quality of our hires, so each and every one is a purposeful decision. By committing to the hiring process, we make sure to attract and hire the right people for the right roles: they’re right for the role, and the role is right for them. And with trust and support from the team, new hires are able to hit the ground running, leading to a higher probability of success. This is an all-around win.

We know that when we surround ourselves with bright and caring people, it makes us all want to do and be better.

  1. We’re deliberate and thoughtful about shaping our Team

Here at Glympse, we try to engage and challenge our Team members. We have worked hard, especially the last year, to be open with our communication and future goals and encouraging around strategy planning, all with the goal of working together for the benefit of the company’s success and growth. We know that when employees are respected for the talents and skills they bring to the business, it has a motivating effect that can be contagious, and it builds a sense of partnership among co-workers.

We have a goal of creating a trusting, cohesive Team, staying dedicated to things like:

  • Being customer-focused and acting in the long-term best interests of our customers and partners being open with our communication
  • Being collaborative and helping each other
  • Being ambitious and effective in our work, always doing the best we can
  1. Our customers walk the walk, too

We’re not the only ones who agree that a people-based culture is the foundation of a great organization. Our customers and partners are on similar lists! Companies like TruGreen, Verizon, General Motors, Microsoft and many others we work directly with are on lists like “Happiest Company in America” “Forbes Growth Champion” “America’s Best Employers” “Indeed’s Top-Rated Companies”

A company, like a team, is only as strong as its players. When companies are great at hiring, it means that the people they hire belong there—that they have the skills and qualities to be a rock star at their job, that they’re being challenged, and that they’re always improving and wanting to improve—both for the company’s sake and for their own personal sake.

We are growing a great organization here at Glympse, and empowering other companies around us to do the same. Come grow with us at Glympse! Check out job postings here.