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Throwback Thursday to panel at TEAGUE

We just couldn’t resist the opportunity, seeing as it’s Thursday,  to throwback to last Thursday and the awesome panel hosted by TEAGUE!  The food was delectable, the drinks oh so tasty (whiskey gingers provided by none other than hometown favorite Rachel’s Ginger Beer!) and the discussion was thoughtful and engaging. Glympse CEO Chris Ruff joined Rohan Thomas from HERE TechnologiesDaryn Nakhuda from Mighty AI,  and Cyra Richardson from Microsoft to discuss the ethics and implications of handling customer data – primarily, what’s our responsibility to our own customers but also to the broader conversation?

Clint Rule from TEAGUE moderated the discussion, taking us from heavy topics such as GDPR, to the issue of privacy when there is a crime involved. 

“From our inception, we have made opting in to share location at the center of our strategy,” shared Chris Ruff.  The panelists echoed the value of trust and control as it pertains to the use of data. Rohan Thomas referred to the 2002 memo on Trustworthy Computing by Bill Gates and shared how HERE has built security and privacy into their products, making GDPR compliance a less daunting task. 

The panelists really jived, making for great conversation, and lots of laughter! After Rohan’s plug for Microsoft, Cyra Richardson shared, “Having controls around scope and who gets to use what and for how long is really important”.  Cyra also set the group up for a lively chat on how cultural norms will affect acceptable data usage. A topic we definitely plan to dive deeper on in the coming months.

Daryn Nakhuda’s company Mighty AI collects images from users that will support autonomous vehicles’ artificial intelligence. “We’re very careful about what any one user will see”. They ensure that the images and data collected and shared with their customers will not allow them to track the movement of a person throughout the course of a day.

Some great connections were made before and after the panelists spoke, so stay tuned to see some great ideas come from these conversations, as well as some serious inter-office shenanigans in the months ahead!